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I absolutely hated this “Perfect Couples Don’t Exi—” meme. And no, not because I saw it applied to ships I hated—in fact, I was seeing it for my OTPs [like SasuSaku and others], and it was just… so, so, SO wrong. I love those ships, but they were hardly perfect, and that was fine. But the meme just didn’t apply, to any of them, and other ships as well.

Then I realized if there was any one ship it would be appropriate for, it would be Shamy.

They care about each other deeply, meet on an intellectual level, and bond on an emotional level neither one even knew they had. Sheldon, who has always been babied by everyone, steps up and consistently takes care of Amy. And while he has always been able to strongarm everyone else into following his way, she successfully keeps him in line. They recognize each other as equals, accept each other completely, and yet influence each other to change in small but meaningful ways.

It may not be a conventional romantic relationship, BUT… a romantic relationship is what both parties make it. Even if they subscribe to social protocols from time to time, they’re free to tailor a relationship that meets each one’s requirements. They’re capable of negotiation and compromise, and their relationship works—they don’t need to justify it to third parties.

And before anyone starts bitching about how “They’re not the perfect couple, there’s hardly any kissing and hugging, and there’s no sex, I don’t want a relationship like that—” OH PLEASE. This isn’t about you and what you want, it’s about the characters and their wants and needs. Their relationship works for them, and frankly it’s the most balanced and stable relationship in their social circle.

Two people, who have hardly ever felt empathy or complete understanding from other people or cared so much for somebody else, finding all those things with each other—there’s the magic. They’re similar and yet different enough to be complementary, to enhance and complete each others’ lives. Amy is, quite literally, the one and only girl for Sheldon, they are truly made for each other.

Shamy’s real and functional. Whether you see it or not is irrelevant, IT JUST IS.

(出典: genki-escapist)

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    Couldn’t have said it better myself. They are strong and growing stronger each day.
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    I’m bringing this back, because one year later and Shamy’s still going strong—far stronger than they ever were. It turns...
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