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マギ落書き | 柳田史太 


マギ落書き | 柳田史太 

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I hate it when someone’s very good-looking, and I’d be all pft—I can handle this and not spazz and be cool, but then they smile and it’s like sunshine after the rain and I can hear the Hallelujah chorus in my head and I forget to breathe.


Ren Hakuei from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
By: mussum


Ren Hakuei from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

By: mussum


It is ON.


I feel like Sasusaku haters are bashing Sasusaku really hard after chapter 627…

They say it’s because we keep saying that our ship’s canon even though Sasuke only is fighting for Konoha to fulfill his brother’s wishes, not to see Sakura and blah.

I honestly think yes, Sasuke is fighting for his brother, and his redemption doesn’t exactly mean that Sasusaku will be canon, but I see no harm with us Sasusaku shippers expressing our feelings.

If we get excited over a chapter, so be it. If we post long rants about the chapter, so be it. If its not hate that’s not tagged as anti, let us be. Even though it may not be close to canon, we have the right to express our feelings and say whatever we want; THIS IS OUR SHIP.

So I don’t think we should be called illogical or stupid because we start getting excited over chapter 627. We have hope, and we’ve been so deprived of a Sasusaku moment since Sasuke left Konoha that we’re willing to take any subtle possibility in a positive light.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that… let us love and have faith in our ship in peace.


All Sasuke/Anyone ships should just celebrate in their own corner, and stop treating this as if this shipping business were a race and its outcome could be affected by bashing and hating on the rival ships.

What will happen WILL HAPPEN. No matter how much or how little mud we sling at each other.

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zackbenimbl replied to your post: Some people fall in love so easily. Sometimes I…

Do you mean one person falling in love? Because I have been told its easy for me to fall in love. I do not like it. Higher chances of it being unrequited I guess. What I’m jealous of is the people that fall in love with each other at the same time.

I meant both cases. I don’t mean people who playact being in love either, I meant people who genuinely fall in love easily. They seem happy, anyway.

P.S. The latter group are very lucky and enviable, I’d agree.

“Fear: Tell us three fears.”

1) I fear that something bad will happen to me and my family will never know and they’ll always be in pain. Let me explain. I love traveling, and when I go with a certain bestie, we always impulsively veer off-road and try new things. I’d probably never do it with anyone else, she makes me brave. But still, I have this niggling fear that two little females will run into some kind of trouble during their adventures.

2) I fear that I’ll never actually fall in love. I think there are plently of attractive men, but I can literally count on one hand the names of guys I was personally attracted to. (Don’t get me started on unrequited love…)

3) I fear that I haven’t found my one true talent and purpose in life yet and that the time to pursue it is long past. What if I was created to compose violin sonatas and I can’t even play a single song on the violin?

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